Our Story

Boho Bus started with an expensive eBay purchase and a one-way ticket to Pennsylvania.

You mean you’ve never purchased a car on eBay? Well, it worked for us. It started as a dream. A dream to have a vintage Volkswagen bus, only the coolest “old” car on the market. After a failed Ford Mustang rehab (you don’t want to know) and a trade-in on a vintage Porsche, the bus became a family affair.

Dozens of paint chips and leather samples later, Boho Bus was born.¬†While it was the daughters’ dreams to sell the clothes, it was the dad’s dream to bring smiles to the masses (and his daughters).

Boho Bus was first introduced in spring 2016 as a mobile style boutique, bringing free-spirited style to modern bohemian babes all over the Southeast (and the entire U.S.) by way of pop-up shops, festivals and online shopping. While most shopping events happen in the Atlanta-metro area, there are plans to bring the bus on a rolling style tour along the Southeast – and one day into California. You can shop these unique and affordable finds at bohobus.com.

Because the bus means so much to the eldest businesswoman in the family, incorporating the bus into her wedding was a no brainer. Like the special family member it is, Boho Bus had a front row seat to the very special day. It was featured alongside the bride in her bridal portraits, right next to the other bridesmaids and even had a seat right at the front of the venue next to the bridal table. But Boho Bus stole the show at the reception when it transformed into a photobooth – the big hit of the night. At the end of the party, Boho Bus made sure the bride and groom arrived safely at their final destination.

Seeing how happy Boho Bus made this special bride and groom, family, friends and wedding guests, good ol’ Dad wanted to bring more smiles to the public by offering his precious bus to other special events and parties.

Life is better in a VW.